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When you head out with your rod and reel and drop your hook in the water, there’s really nothing quite like the feeling. But if you don’t have the best fishing rod and reel combo in 2022 your fishing excursion could be over before it even really begins.

That’s why you want to make sure you’re looking at the right tools, whether you’re the type who goes out for fun once in a while or someone who likes to spend a lot of time fishing.

A reel and rod combo makes it easier to get just the right options because they’ve already been combined into an ideal tool for you. The manufacturer looks at the rods and the reels that they have available and chooses two that will complement each other. That also means you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a good rod or a good reel, you can just pick up a combo and be confident it can do what you want, getting you out there fishing a whole lot faster.

When it comes to choosing the right type of rod and reel, however, you want to look at the options, including spinning or baiting. A spinning reel is attached to the bottom of the rod and has an open face, and an axis aligned with the rod, which makes sure that you can’t get any backlash from the line. On the other hand, the baiting reel has a reel on the top of the rod and the axis is actually perpendicular to the rod. This is great because it improves accuracy, but also improves your chances of backlash.


Choosing the Best Reel and Rod Combo in 2022


One of the first things you want to look at is what your rod and reel are made of. You want them to be strong and durable because when you hook that monster bass you definitely don’t want to snap your rod before you haul it in. Rods can be made out of fiberglass or graphite if you’re looking at higher quality. You’ll find low-quality rods with plastic, but these are not made for people who really want a shot at something out there in the water. Fiberglass is good for medium to slow action while graphite gives you more stiffness and faster action. You can also find combination rods with a little of both to give you a great amount of action too.



If you can get more guides on your rod it’s going to give you a better cast, but it’s also going to cost you more money. A single guide is standard on rods and can be $30 or more to add on, but if you can get more than that even, you’ll be doing a lot better on your next trip.



The overall weight of your rod and reel together are going to be important. You want something that’s strong and durable, but you don’t want something that’s going to be difficult to control or hard to cast properly. After all, if you can’t cast it right you could end up struggling to get it into the right spot where you need it. Look for a rod that you can cast comfortably, but don’t sacrifice the quality of the materials (the graphite and fiberglass) just so you can get a good cast. You may just need a little bit more practice to get the hang of a specific rod. This is also going to affect the line, the lure and the bait that you’re using so make sure you choose carefully.



There are plenty of different lengths out there for rods and the one that you want is going to depend on the specific type of fishing you’re going to do and the type of fish you’re going after. Rods come in sizes between 6 feet and 12 feet (with some options larger and smaller) but this depends on the type of fish you want to go after, where you’re fishing and of course your own capabilities. Think about the different sizes of rods and things you want to do with it when you’re deciding on yours.

Product Reviews

There are plenty of different reel and rod combos out there but for now we’re going to focus on only spinning and baitcasting options as these are going to give you some of the most common features and overall capabilities that you’re looking for.

Best Spinning Reel and Rod Combo 2020

Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combos 

Complete with a kit that will help any novice fisher get ready for their first trip to the water, this Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is a great choice for anyone. If you opt for just the rod and reel you get the things you need to compliment anything you already have. The complete kit comes with the rod, reel, 6 lures and 6 hooks, 4 sinkers and an assortment of other accessories to get you started, but that’s nothing compared to the materials that make up this rod which makes it best bass fishing rod and reel combo.

It’s made with high-quality carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass to create a durable and anti-corrosion rod. The hooded reel is made of stainless steel and it features aluminum oxide guide inserts as well. The fishing rod itself is actually telescopic, which makes it easier to carry around with you in your vehicle or even over your shoulder. The medium power is good for those who are getting started to moderate experience and you can choose one of several lengths between 1.8M and 3.3M to make sure you can get the fish that you’re looking for in the right situations.


  • 6 size options
  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass construction
  • Right and left-handed handle
  • Ideal for sea fishing or boat fishing


  • Requires extra strength to collapse rod
  • Somewhat heavy for continuous casting

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Penn Pursuit II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel

2019 fishing rod reel combo Available in sizes from 7’ to 10’, the Penn Pursuit II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel provides you with quality materials at a budget price which makes it best fishing road and reel combo for the money. The rod is made of graphite and aluminum with a reel made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about corrosion or durability. Anti-reverse bearings keep the reel from kicking back on you and a techno-balanced rotor provides you with smooth retrieves while you go.

The rod is lightweight and ultrasensitive, which means you won’t have a problem casting or recognizing when you’ve got exactly what you’re looking for on that hook. You also get an oiled felt drag system which gives you just the right combination of drag and smoothness while you’re out. Fluid cranking and 4 ball bearings provide a good balance for your reel and the sleek style when you head out to the water is going to make you feel more than happy with the purchase.


  • Great for boats and docks
  • Plenty of options for different types of fishing
  • Graphite and stainless steel for durability
  • Budget option for avid anglers



  • Can be too big for easy cast
  • Not a lot of flex right away

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Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo provide 3 ball bearings as well as an anti-reverse bearing to provide a smooth experience when casting and reeling in. It also provides added strength through the double anodized aluminum spool and the oversized bail wire. You’ll get more life out of the overall unit with the compression bail springs and the fact that the entire rod is made with a combination of graphite and fiberglass.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the rod itself provides you with a comfortable range of motion as well as cutting down on potential fatigue. With the clear tip design, you also get even more precision and responsiveness when it comes to detecting even the faintest of pulls at the bait and your line. Even better, the guides are designed to fit any type of line you want to use, even braided line, and each is made with a single piece of stainless steel that keeps the line from popping out or slipping while you fish.


  • Great for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Extremely durable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to cast and reel
  • Rod is very sensitive for detecting fish



  • Reel sticks over time
  • Handle is wobbly

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Best Bait Casting Reel and Rod Combo 2020

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

 The Abu Garcia Black Max Combo features two different lengths, 6’6” or 7’ with a medium or medium heavy build. With high-level sensitivity and durability, it still doesn’t lack in power or the weight that you want. It’s a lightweight rod that has a single piece frame made of graphite. The 4 ball bearings compliment 1 roller bearing to make sure it’s reliable every time you cast it out and easy to retrieve each time you want to real it back in.

Using a power disk system to create just the right amount of drag to balance out the smoothness that you need, it provides great responsiveness when you need it. This is enhanced by the extreme exposure reel seat that puts the reel right up next to the rod. Designed for you to enjoy throughout the day, this baitcast reel features a brake system with a consistent level of brake pressure so you get the even better range as well as excellent accuracy to make sure that you’re always getting that hook right where you want it.


  • It is good beginners fishing rod
  • Sleek design for the avid angler
  • Casts far and accurately
  • Little to no backlashing



  • Not designed for lightweight lures
  • Rod not as high quality as the reel

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Lew’s American Hero Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

The two sizes on the Lew’s American Hero Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo are close, but just enough different that you’re definitely going to want to consider them carefully. The one-piece composite for the frame and side plates are made with graphite to keep the unit durable and lightweight at the same time. The spool is made of anodized aluminum and solid brass make up the main gear and crankshaft so you have high quality everywhere you look. With a magnetic control system and Rulon drag system for added durability and up to 10 pounds of power, you get the strength you need.

The bearing system uses 4 double-shielded ball bearings made with stainless steel and 1 Zero-reverse clutch bearing. With several layers of graphite through the entire thing, it’s multi-directional so you can bend it and twist it however you need to get that fish you’ve been gunning for.


  • IM6 graphite blank
  • Patented hook keeper protects casts and retrieves
  • Stainless steel reel seat with cushioned hood
  • Fast action with medium heavy



  • Reel can be a little noisy when winding
  • Schematics not available for any adjustments needed

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Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

The Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo gives you a 6’6” rod with a single ball bearing graphite spool which comes with its own 12-pound line. The frame itself is made of graphite as well as a double paddle aluminum handle. What’s really great about it is the 7-year warranty that you get with the whole thing, so you know that you’ll have a whole lot of durability and strength. Designed for right-handed users, the reel is designed for lower poundage lines if and when you need to replace the 12 that it comes with. Not only that but it’s great for smaller fish.

Great balance between the rod and reel create a great option for anyone, even while keeping to a lower budget. A little heavier in the nose, it’s still easy to use and easy to hold for an extended period of time so you can enjoy that fishing trip, no matter how long you want to be out there.


  • 7-year warranty
  • 12-pound line included
  • Overall balance and durability
  • Graphite and aluminum



  • Included line is not ideal
  • Reel is not as good as the rod

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Overall, no matter what type of fishing you’re going to do or whether you’re a novice or a pro, you can find a reel and rod combo that will help you have a great time out on the water. These options will narrow down your selection, getting you on the right track for what you’re looking for, but only you can really decide which one is the best option for you and how to enjoy it when you head out on the water. Just make sure you’ve got your rod with you when that next big one comes along.

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