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11 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod 2022 | Reviews By Expert

Fishing is a known hobby to a lot of people, most especially the old generation and retired people. It usually involves catching of fish in the pond or lake. However, fishing is also a commercial occupation which involves catching of fishes and selling them in the market. One cannot fish without making use of fishing tools. Therefore, this guide will help you learn about one of the most important tools for fishing, that is, the Telescopic fishing rod.



Below are the reviews of best telescopic fishing rod 2022


Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod, 5-FEET X 6-INCH

 Eagle Claw- bes saltwater telescopic Spinning Rod

The Eagle Claw Pack-it Rod is best for any fishing enthusiast every time. The features are of such durable glass texture which distinguishes as complete for any fishing adventure. It is essentially made of glass blank texture. It has a special foam handle and ceramic guides. The roll seat is also made of a graphite reel. It is a 5”6 inch telescopic rod.

This spinning rod has exactly four eyelets. It has a very compact compartment features. A medium, relaxed and controlled cast actually works well during any fishing adventure. It is however not suitable for a power casting. The eyelets are very handy and serve the purpose of its design. The tips are stationed on a thin level. It is also very light in weight which makes it impossible for fishermen to cast the tool very powerfully into the water. You could not snap the rod sections because by doing that you can really lock them together and make it pretty hard to slide them back in. You can also put in little frame ultra light spinning reels on the separate rods and you can be sure to have a great fishing experience.

It has composite features that make it portable enough to be thrown into the backpack. It has stable components. It also seems greatly tough and definitely extendable. Also it can work to a perfect finishing line and can function effectively in both salt and fresh waters. This pole is made of fiberglass and the spinning gear works very good with the mobility and worth.

The fragility and lightness of the item obliges the user to be very cautious in extending or retracting the pole.


  • Very good for starters and even children
  • High Returns on Investment (ROI)
  • Very quality component features
  • Effortless casting into water


  • Not workable for power casting

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Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel 

Goture telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Goture telescopic fishing rod is an agile and excellent tool for a great achievement in fishing. This instrument has been rated as best for getting great result in fishing. It is a combination of fishing rod and reel combo. It is equipped with high quality of materials which give and rank it as best.

The rod is made up of 24Tons of carbon fiber and e-glass composite rod which accounts for its toughness and premium power. This product is very light and durable. The Goture has a delicate appearance which makes it look sophisticated and high grade. The harmony between the color of the metal and glass metal makes it look elegant. It has high power to catch bigger fish without breakage. It is well refined for corrosion resistant and it also has medium fast action.

This product has different sizes assortment. However, whatever the size of the Goture product you choose to go for, the weight does not vary. They all have 1.5oz – 2.5oz. The assortment of sizes is on SWORDS.

There are several SWORD series of Goture telescopic fishing rod and its compositions.

  • Reel seat: this reel seat is made of CNC aluminum. It is made to be hard and wear proof. It can be easily installed and also removed. It has no stress to it at all.
  • Protective caps: it has a rubber cap that is used for its protection whenever it is not in use. This cap is meant to lock, protect and fix the rod tip.
  • Handle: This product has and handle that can be detached easily from the fishing plug in order to enjoy the comfort of fishing.
  • Guides: Goture has carbon oxide metal guides with three points that are fixed to the rod. Also, it contains ceramics that avoid winding by sending heats to the rod.

This product has several benefits. It can be used both in the salt water fishing or for a freshwater fishing. When used in the boat, the recommended size of the rod should be 1.8m – 2.4m. When used on a bank of river at the other hand, the recommended size of the rod should be 2.7m – 3.6m.


  • Travel friendly
  • Different sizes
  • Heavy power but light weighted.


  • Not ideal for beginners


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PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod 

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

The fishing tool is very adaptable and useful for saltwater and freshwater fishing. It has sterling features that make it collapsible for convenient storage and travel. The aluminum guide sets in the fishing pole. The graphite blank construction is a very receptive telescopic fishing rod shaft. A full kit having some carrier is dedicated for novices. With this tools, there is no such need to purchase any other fishing stuff. Also, it has perfect elasticity combined with a very dense carbon fiber and a quality fiberglass making the fishing pole very sturdy and durable.


It also has more short body with a large line capacity. It also has a high capacity drive made ready for premium strength. It basically consists of the reel and pole. You can have a better rod for taking on camping fairs while driving to the beach or on flight. The 3ft long size of the stuff only seven sections which are collapsible. A length of 7.5ft long for fishing also makes it expandable feature a reality.


The material is made of a good graphite composite construction and possesses a stainless guide.Basically, you can set it up for a spin casting reel and also ha s a bait casting reel used for bass fishing. From average lures to heavy ones you can always maximize the use of this tool. It however has issues with its flexibility as this factor is not as workable as in other non-telescoping rod. Therefore, anglers who seek to make light lures may not really find it adaptable.


In addition, the reel holder and the base really look quite nice and are high-tech and makes for a radiant rod and tool set. Back and forth, it is a very useful rod for making travels and helps with easy storage. Beginners in the fishing experience may also endeavour to make use of it – it suits them well.



  • Efficient customer relationship management by manufacturers
  • It has strong and sturdy body features
  • Can be used even by children
  • High quality components
  • Useable in all water types
  • Serves its purpose even for a starter


  • Weighty and quite solid

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Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

Eagle Claw Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

This is a fishing rod manufactured by Eagle Claw. It is a tough material with such effective glass construction. This glass feature makes it very handy and light for you to move about. No one really likes the idea of exhausting all your physical energy before the fishing expedition practically starts. The fact that this piece possesses a comfortable EVA foam handles and strong and stainless guides helps giving your fishing enough precision throughout the whole venture.

It is basically made of a 5 feet 6 inches spinning rod which gives it an average height. Moreover, it possesses an aluminum reel which is substantially light in weight. It is a piece pre-loaded with line. There are some fishing rods that may not work in both freshwater and Bass fishing. But this is not the case with this Spin Combo Telescopic Rod as it can be used in both habitats. In addition, the reel feature and others give it characteristics that reveal its compactness.

The compartments of the Rod are made such that they do not come loose and all the eyelets and rod sections just stay properly associated. So, if really you need a light action rod, or camping rod, a good backpack so you may fish very smartly this Rod manufactured by Eagle Claw is a very good medium to doing so.

It affords you the chances of easily collapsing it and gives you the opportunity of folding it for convenient packing. You really can find it a very important tool in your fishing arsenal. It is made of the finest qualities that make it the customers’ choice fishing rods.


  • Suitable for both freshwater and bass fishing
  • Highly collapsible
  • High quality features


  • It has relatively stiff bales and gears

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KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Fishing Rods 

 KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Fishing Rods

KastKing Black Hawk Rod is very strong and durable. It is long-lasting and have proven assemblage. The weight is such dense like 24-ton carbon fiber and it is 10 pounds in weight. It equally has an e-glass composite for optimum power and warmth. It also affords you the opportunity of travelling about with it. It easily collapses thus promoting its capabilities for easy storage.


This telescopic travel rod also has CNC mechanized aluminum reel seat and the steel guides with ceramic inserts. The Rod can also be used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing expeditions. Backpackers and retreaters would find it very useful for its unique portable structure. However, its aluminum handle, the weight of a medium weight and the stiffness of the poles needs to be improved upon to give fishers the best treat at any time and on any occasion.


It has a highly efficient pulling power, well made and has a kind attraction. Its capability to be extended is captured in its ability to be flicked with a wrist in no time. It reputes to be very light and compact. The tip is left secured and with a protector. The use gives the fisherperson the advantages of high quality and longevity all offered in one piece. It is a great tool for a fun-filled fishing adventure.


The welded eyelets are also a beautiful attraction. The tip protector could also be enhanced as well as the roll seat. Its unique weight makes it hold up well and you may never be bothered about it breaking away as other fishing rods do. It makes a very good travel thrill.


  • High strength capabilities
  • IT is very compactable
  • Works for all water types
  • High quality features



  • The pole may be stiff and fragile
  • A med-heavy weight

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Sougayilang Fishing Rod 

Sougayilang Fishing Rod - 24 Ton Carbon Fiber - heavy duty telescopic fishing rod

Sougayilang is a very good product for traveling and easy storage. It contains CNC which has a machined aluminum and is a perfect travel fishing rod product for campers and backpackers. It is especially good for salt water or freshwater. This product is made of high density 24 tons carbon fiber and electronic glass com positive for its balanced nature and sensitivity. It is light weighted and can therefore be easily transported from one place to the other without stressing out the carrier.

Sougayilang exquisite reel is made of resistant CNC that frees users from worry about their fishing. Several packages come with the Sougayilang. It has been said to be the best product that offers great and perfect result. Some of these packages are: fishing rod, stainless steel guide, metal buckle, exquisite reel seat and many more.

The fishing rod is of high quality and it makes fishing easy and less stressful either when used in salt water fishing or freshwater fishing. The metal buckle is another material that makes this product to be distinguished. Even though it is metal, it has light weight. It has a hollow design that the fishing reel is fixed firmly.

The carbon texture works for the strength of the fishing rod and its beauty. This fishing is not only powerful, it is also sophisticated and fashionable, all because of its carbon texture. The exquisite reel seat is also a composite of the Sougayilang fishing rod. It is made of corrosion resistant strength.

Another package you enjoy is the 24 tons of toray carbon blanks that helps with the provision of powerful pull once a fish is caught. It also consists of high density EVA grips which provides comfort.

The Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod can be used to catch different kinds of fish. It has been built with several instruments that make fishing easy and interesting as well. It also comes in diverse sizes. The difference in sizes also determines the prices of each.


  • It is worry free.
  • It is light weighted.
  • It has different sizes.


  • Fragile reels prone to break

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KastKing BlackHawk telescopic fishing rod 

KastKing BlackHawk telescopic fishing rod 

This is a telescopic fishing rod properly built with CNC machined aluminum reel seat components and has three point welded stainless steel guides. The steel guides help not to corrode easily unlike some other telescopic fishing rods knowing that metals corrode easily. This specific tool also has sealed water proof structure which keeps water from entering it to prevent rusting. This is a telescopic fishing rod known for its strength and durability.

One can throw a sink of about 2 ounce and it would withstand it.  It has the ability to withstand pressure which makes it a good and quality telescopic fishing rod. With this particular rod, you can travel easily with its collapsible features whichcan be folded into the length of a walking stick. This particular feature makes it easy to carry around. In case you want to go camping with your old friends or colleagues at work and you don’t want to carry too much load.

The manufacturer has done so well in designing a tool with a strong body construction capable of withstanding heavy weight fish up to ten pounds.

This telescopic fishing rod was specifically designed and created by an award winning manufacturer for catching fish in the saltwater and fresh water areas. It also possesses high performance and quality rings made of ceramics with a strong and long-lasting cast and retrieve line which enables the fast action. If you are in search a telescopic fishing rod which make fish catching easy and interesting, this might be it.

KastKing Blackhawk Telescopic Fishing Rod is a reliable and effective fishing rod which have been tried and tested by a lot of fishermen. It is specifically regarded as traveling fishing rod. It is a fabulous rod which with a flick of the wrist, easily the rod extends. It is a tool which when purchased would be appreciated. It is a very affordable and highly economic equipment.


  • It is affordable
  • Easily accessible and reachable
  • Its rods are collapsible
  • Possesses tensile strength and firm grip.


  • Quite weighty and may be difficult at first use

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PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod 

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

Pulsinno is a strong and durable fishing rod that is made from Carbon Fiber with fiberglass. It is used mainly for salt water fishing and boat fishing. This product is telescopic and sensitive to graphite blank construction. This product is made from high elasticity and high Carson fiber density which makes it to be strong at pulling even though it is light weighted. Pulsinno telescopic fishing rod is also made with a retractable design that makes it takes less room for itself and also day to be carried around.

Pulsinno fishing rod is equipped with a stainless steel frame from carbon oxide wire guide that makes catching fish easier, smoother and full of fun. The number of the wire guide on the pulsinno works the smooth and easy catch of fishes.

The Pulsinno rod is a reliable material that has been made in different sizes and has different actions. This helps you to pick your choice of whatever size you feel suits your need. The sizes ranges from 40cm to 46cm. It has different closed length for carriage conveniences. Also, it power varies. It could be medium or extended handle.

The pulsinno be used in two ways, you may put some Teflon tape on the screw and tighten it well so as to avoid it becoming loosed out. You may also use lock snaps on your rod so that you have to always retying. You only take your rod and anytime you wish to go fishing with no worry of it losing out.

Pulsinno is made of quality materials that makes it easy to carry around, smooth with fish catching, storage and perfect for salt water fishing or boat fishing. It is equipped with stainless steel frame carbon oxide wire guide.


  • Made of aluminum oxide guide.
  • High elasticity and high Carbon fiber density
  • Strong and durable.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • It is a reliable and sophisticated material for easy fishing.



  • Low quality carry case and tackle kit

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YONGZHI Fishing Poles with Spinning Reels Combos Telescopic Fishing Rod

YONGZHI Fishing Poles with Spinning Reels Combos Telescopic Fishing Rod

One thing that clearly marks out this fishing rod out is its versatility. This red and black fishing rod is not only suitable for young people and women; it is as well appropriate for lovers of fishing. Another interesting thing about this rod is its noticeable portability. It is small and convenient when carried and can be added to backpackers. The compatible and collapsible handle fishing reel also makes it quite useful for all fishing enthusiasts.

It possesses ball bearings of about 13+1. The gear ration is also switchable at 5:2:1. It has a bail spring that is thick and at the same time coiled. The oscillation system is as well good for a precise land winding. It equally has some light, even line, completegood fishing tackles.

It has a steel hooded roll seats that does not get corroded in seawaters. The telescopic fishing pole is also sensitive blank construction made only in graphite. The rod is also made from a carbon fiber welded with durable Fiberglass. Users of this fishing rods can also enjoy the reduction in friction and longer casts. This is because the rod has steel guides that are stainless and has ceramic inserts. Its portable structure makes for convenience, easy storage and efficient travel.

Fishing rods are constructed to be useful for people who go fishing! Its capacity lines are not only large but have short body with a sizeable spool. The reels suitable for spinning are very easy to use and quite appropriate for novices. From 2000 – 5000 the reel sizes have a solid size which can make it fight with different fish sizes.


Other fishing rod marks are seen in its elasticity and dense carbon fiber. The good guides really facilitate the reduction of friction and ensuring longer casts. It has the capabilities of fishing in freshwater and saltwater. The producers of the rod, YONGZHI, rank high on best sellers ranking.



  • High versatility
  • Smooth turning and fine metal
  • Small, medium and high size



  • Not suitable for big fishes
  • Very useful for starters in fishing

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RUNCL Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Combos

RUNCL Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Combos

This rod is manufactured with a highly durable carbon fiber and offers the standard toughness and elasticity for achieving the best result. It also comes with a strong reel seat with a locking structure quite convenient to assemble. It is as well suitable for an ideal reel. The other combination to this rod is the spinning reel.


It has a reinforced alloy drive train, a main shaft steel in texture and stainless as well. This really offers you a perfect and exciting experience while using it. An interesting thing about this tool is that the drag which is of premium quality can be fine-tuned to prevent any line breakage. Even in situations where a hooked fish drags stubbornly on the line it cannot be easily broken and you may just enjoy pulling the struggling fish down the boat.


The SIC ceramic guide ring is another feature of the rod. This basically shields the fishing lines from damage. It also helps to dissipate heat quite promptly. The CNC-machined aluminum spool also offers a uniform line lay all the time. The vented spool is specially constructed and this helps to maintain the weight of the spinning reel at a minimal level. The lifelike drawing of the fishing lures emulates the swimming acts of the fishes. The high-resolution body size of the lure helps to achieve a vast catch.


The fishing pliers too are made of high quality stainless steel, offers better corrosion stronghold and as a goal capability. You would not have to bother yourself with the scratches and rusts that characterize other fishing rods. The handle can be lengthened and has a foldable structure which makes for convenient storage.



  • Beautiful casts and the smart handles
  • IT helps with easy unstringing
  • High quality and durable features
  • Effective customer correspondence with RUNCL
  • Premium versatility
  • Lightweight and strong material


  • The guides may be defective

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What is a Telescopic Fishing Rod?

A telescopic fishing rod is a fishing rod created with the same material just like a normal conventional fishing rod. The only difference is that it can be folded and extended. This makes it a portable fishing rod; you don’t have to take a van before going fishing. You can even take a cab with your fishing tool in your bag. It is created in such a way that it can be collapsed into each other. When extended, it is usually very long to about 20 to 30 ft and when folded or collapsed, it is usually a feet and half long. This guide enlightens you about the best types of telescopic fishing rods available and which one you can select from.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Telescopic Fishing Rod

When it comes to fishing either for fun or as a hobby, and perhaps for sale, knowing the kind of fishing rods to be used is very essential. Different fishing rods are used for different areas. Some are really stressful to handle while some are not and can be recommended as a professional tool, and among these is the telescopic fishing rod. Before you can make use of a tool, firstly,you have to know a few things about it such as its advantages and disadvantages, so as to know whether it is going to be useful in carrying out what you want it to do. Here are a few advantages that can help:


  1. Portability- One of the most unique advantages of this particular fishing tool is that it is portable. It can be carried around from one place to another. In case you are planning a getaway and you wish to go fishing, a telescopic fishing rod is what you need. It does not take much space.
  2. Affordable- A telescopic fishing rod is a cost-effective tool and will serve well even as it comes at a lesser price compared to other types of fishing rods.
  3. Multipurpose- a telescopic fishing rod can serve a lot of purposes. It can be used in shallow and deep waters because it has ability to extend to over 20 ft or hundred meters.

As this fishing tool has advantages, unfortunately, it also has disadvantages. A telescopic fishing rod is usually created with limited strength and its parts might break if not properly handled. It might not be recommended for commercial use because it doesn’t work very fast. It comes in slow and moderate actions.

How to Choose Best Telescopic Fishing Rod in 2022

Fishing is a known occupation like some others. There are several kinds of fishes in the sea- catfish, dolphin, tilapia etc. Fishing is also a sport in which mostly old men indulge as a hobby. They rent a yacht and go fishing with their old pals. However, there are some tools that can give you the best experience when it comes to fishing, one of them is Telescopic Fishing Rod. There are several different telescopic fishing rods out there in stores. The problem now is how to know which one you should select. This guide can be helpful in that aspect. Selecting the right telescopic fishing rod can be tasking and difficult, but we have got you covered! Choosing the wrong one can enhance or destroy your fishing experience. Here are few tips which can help you choose the best telescopic fishing rod.



Getting a telescopic fishing rod with good quality materials such as tough glass material, fiberglass with stainless steel and graphite, carbon fiber etc is an important factor to consider when choosing a telescopic fishing rod. A telescopic fishing rod with tough glass material would help make the fishing portable and easy to carry around. This is a very good feature as no one likes to carry heavy loads.

Sometimes, when you are going for fishing, you have already gotten tired before getting to the sea because of the heavy fishing tools you are carrying. Try using a telescopic fishing rod with a tough glass material and you would go fishing with ease. Choosing a telescopic fishing rod having fiberglass with stainless steel and graphite could help to ensure flexibility and balance. These are great and important features a good fishing tool should possess. If it is coated with carbon feature, it makes it strong and durable hence making it difficult to break. Choosing a telescopic fishing rod with the best material can help enhance your fishing experience.



Telescopic fishing rods are lightweight fishing rods which makes it easy to use and carry about without stress. How heavy or light a fishing rod is, depends on the material used as well as how long the rod is. This also dictates its ability to balance when fishing with the fishing rod.



Telescopic fishing rods come in different lengths either the collapsed length or the extended length. The kind of length you choose depends on what you want to use it for. Is it for sport or sales? It also limits the portability of the fishing rod. The collapsed length of a telescopic fishing rod- Pen size fishing rod is around 7 inches or less. There are also bigger ones with the collapsed length up to a yard. Most pen size telescopic fishing rods are mostly not longer than 20-30 ft when fully stretched while the larger ones can stretch many yards long.

Before selecting the best telescopic fishing rod for you, you have to consider the purpose you want it to serve. Once you have established this, you can go ahead to choose your telescopic fishing rod with preferred length.


Rod Type:

When it is time to select the best telescopic fishing rod for you, you have to consider a number of alternatives such as the surf rods, spinning rods and fly rods. Surf rods are particularly used for surf fishers, spinning rods are used for recreational and sports activities while fly rods are ideal artificially for catching baits. Therefore, before picking a telescopic fishing rod, it has to align with your needs at the moment.



Before one chooses any fishing rod, one needs to considerthe number of eyelets on the fishing rod. The eyelets are the rings that guide your line along the length of the pole and out into the water. They also bear a lot of the pressure and weight when you have a fish on the end of your line. The more the eyelets, the better the distribution of the weight of the pole. The eyelets contribute to the effective picking and landing of the fish. The best telescopic fishing rod to use is the one with up five eyelets.


When trying to purchase the best telescopic fishing rod, thereare some features on the fishing rod one should consider. Examples include the blanks, guides on the rod among many others. Blanks and guides are very important features on a typical fishing rod.  A blank is like a pole which forms the core of the fishing rod while a guide are like rings which help reduce the overall weight of the fishing rod. Some fishing rods while fishing get out of line or twist which is not a good feature; this happens especially when the fish is large. This should be taken into consideration. A good fishing rod should be the one that can withstand pressure effectively without twisting. If this is ensured, then you’re good to go.



This isalso an important factor that should also be considered when choosing a telescopic fishing rod. How fast does the return back to its original position? Is it slow, moderate or fast?Action in this context refers to how quick or how slow is the responsiveness of the fishing rod. Fast ones are less stressful. However, most telescopic fishing rodsare characteristic of slow to medium action. This is because of the because of the characteristics of fiberglass and low modulus graphite that telescopic fishing rod usually possess.


Depending on the size of fish you plan to catch, whether large or small, dictates the kind of fishing rod that would be best for you. Power is another candid factor to consider when trying to choose the best telescopic fishing rod for your fishing. Power indicates the size of fish your fish rod can handle. If you’re planning to catch big sized fishes, then go for the heavy fishing rods which would be able to withstand the size of the fish but if you need a telescopic fishing rod to catch small fish for leisure and recreational activities, then go for the lighter ones.


After doing a thorough review of the different brands of telescopic fishing guide, we came to realize that the RUNCL Telescopic Fishing Rod would be the best a fisherperson can make use of for a brighter experience. The conviction behind this is based on the premium versatility, the CRM, the high quality features, durable structure and user-friendliness that it comes with. However, all of the products reviewed are of high performance and will definitely serve exquisitely well in their respective specialties.

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